Product Advantages

Screw Compressors

  • Lower maintenance cost, higher reliability
  • Accommodate large application ranges (large lifts) allowing for changes in load, and variations in flow.
  • Adaption of the integrated volume ratio to extend application ranges
  • Designed to be run 24/7 under all required temperatures & pressures
  • Infinity capacity control resulting in less compressor cycling & more stable building temperatures
  • Tighter temperature control, less drifting & deviation from setpoint

Brazed Plate Heat exchangers

  • Fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids spread out over the plates
  • High compactness, high heat transfer coefficient
  • Tighter temperature control
  • Allow for higher efficiencies

Low operating and maintenance costs

  • Remote preventative maintenance and reporting programs
  • Easy to service
  • Durable, reliable parts
  • Extensive safeties and protection

High efficiency

Geothermal Systems are one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems implemented to date. Utilizing ground temperatures rather than outside air allows for much more stable, efficient running parameters decreasing the overall heat pump lift. Furthermore mechanical equipment and control logic can allow for self tuning and internal efficiency optimization of the running parameters. Through the use of an electronic expansion valve, refrigeration temperatures and pressures can be controlled to adjust your superheat and increase your overall efficiency of the unit. The setup implemented can maintain much more stable building temperatures, fluctuating capacity with required loads and decreasing overall peak demand. Various parameters, modes, timers, and deadbands can further contribute to energy savings and built into the existing platform.

Reversing Heat Pump

Utilizing a reversing heat pump you are able to meet either heating or cooling demands from the same side of a unit, thus not requiring additional external piping to re-route the water to your various loads. This results in the ability to completely isolate the geothermal field and water allowing for variation in glycol with the possibility of completely eliminating it from the building side while maintaining the required concentration in your geothermal loop.

Environmentally Friendly

Through utilization of a geothermal system you significantly decrease and possibly eliminate environmental impact. Geothermal has one of the highest capacity factors, meaning that it is not dependant on the weather like solar or wind green energy, but instead is available 24/7. The closed ground loops are completely sealed to eliminate cross contamination of soil or aquifers. This technology also significantly reduces the environmental effect by reducing the need to burn fossil fuel which in turn releases harmful gases to the environment. Furthermore the use of environmentally friendly HFC refrigerants such as R134A (screw applications) or R410A (scroll applications) contributes the decrease in environmental impact as well. HFC refrigerants reduce ozone depletion and greenhouse emission effects and help to increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Easy to Service

Chillit’s heat pumps are designed for service, allowing for adequate space and access to all mechanical components. Also there is no specialized training required and this along with easily accessible remote technical support provided there is a multitude of options for the owner.

Scroll Modules

Where scroll compressors are applicable they are available in a four stage module where decreased modules are necessary while maintaining the same number of stages and degree of control. This advantage will allow for an overall decrease in footprint and installation cost.