Control Benefits and Support

Chillit Chillers provides an approach to controls unlike any other geothermal heat pump manufacturer, since a unit’s performance is ultimately based on the control platform implemented. Designed for end user and remote support, Chillit’s customer support is second to none. Proper unit control and maintenance is the key to ensuring a successful project. Chillit provides an interactive user interface that allows the unit to be controlled and monitored at any location. Energy site optimizations and tuning allow the Chillit product to perform at maximum efficiency under any circumstance and also allows for extended flexibility under conditions that may not have been expected.

Custom designed and engineered

Chillit Chillers will custom engineer and design for your specific project application. We will work with you to find a comfortable fit for your Geo Field capacity and size, in addition to mechanical room spatial and electrical requirements. Our custom engineered approach allows us the capacity to work with your existing onsite building conditions.

Energy efficiency and optimization

Real time thermodynamic monitoring and optimization allows for increased energy efficiency and adaptability to continually changing site conditions.

Chillit focuses on the building, the site and the system as a whole, engineering and manufacturing all component parts to HVAC specifications. This total integration optimizes the efficiency of the system. Chillit support continues beyond the install.

Remote support

Chillit Chillers technology allows for extensive monitoring, site location analysis and readily available factory support and diagnostics for the end user.

Chillit’s project interface and controls approach is designed for the end user, allowing for remote expertise and reasonable service and maintenance options. Fully integrated graphical touch screen provides easy navigation through a single point for all equipment installed on site. Displays provide all necessary information for any service technician to work or observe running conditions without hooking up a single gauge or sensor.

All data is trended and easily accessible to streamline project diagnostics and decrease servicing time and maintenance cost.