Features and Benefits

Mechanical Hardware

Screw Pump Durable, low maintenance and reliable
Steel Tube Frame Indestructible
Sound Isolation Panels Minimal Equipment Room noise decibel rating
Oversized Dryers Eliminates moisture contamination
Receivers Adjusts refrigerant levels to allow for automatic switching from heating to cooling
Reversing Valve Allows for both heating and cooling
Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Maximum efficiency for heat transfer and utterly maintenance free
Thermistors and Flow Meters All temperatures and „ow volumes accurately recorded and graphed
Electronic Expansion Valve Allows for maximum site optimization by allowing for easy adjustments to superheat and sub-cooling
R-134a Refrigerant Excellent for high temperature and high pressure heat transfer

Controls Hardware

15" Touch Screen Allows for easy onsite read of all computer graphics pages in addition to easy onsite parameter adjustments
High and Low Voltage PLCs High voltage Panel in addition to Low voltage control PLC
Control Transformer Power conversion for low voltage PLC 460-volt 120-volt current
Robust 3-Phase Contactor Solid State Starter BACnet MS/TP compliant Software interface for customer’s Building Automation System (BAS)
Current Transducer Reads and tracks motor starting and running currents

Controls Software

Main Graphics Page Customized controls page with drop down menus for each heat pump/chiller
Individual Heat Pump Screens Shows currents, temperatures, pressures and .ows for accurate trouble-shooting and adjusting
Alarms Page Tracks all alarms and allows for email noti.cation for critical alarms
Trends History Page Any points can be shown in a trends page including water temperatures
Remote Monitoring Control access via Wi-Fi and Internet for remote monitoring and parameter adjusting. Ideal for controlling site optimization from a remote location.